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RBS Talents

People are the main raw material for the Grupo RBS . You need to understand people, talk with people and hearing people to be one of the largest multimedia communication's group of Brazil. People are the key to our business success. We have over 300 employees that are example, go further and make a difference in everyday life.

We believe that people have different skills. So, being in the right function profile makes all the difference in performance. And this is the main objective of RBS Talents: Finding the right people for the right activities.

Grupo RBS has opportunities for professionals with lots of backgrounds. In addition to the areas related to communication, we have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, managers , statisticians, economists, systems analysts , mathematicians, accountants, lawyers , among many other functions.

We love who makes it happen and we believe that the best talents come from the passion for making it happen. If you are passionate about doing, come be part of this team that believes with passion we can change the reality.


Our core skills define the behaviors and attitudes that embody the values ​​of the Grupo RBS manifesifestam in practice and that our way of doing and acting in pursuit of excellence and best results.

In selecting new talent, we seek people who show tune with Our Way of Being and Doing, facilitating adaptation to our culture.

There are three Grupo RBS's core skills that guide the conduct of our employees and are among the attributes we look for in new talent:

  • Be an example

    It is a benchmark of conduct inside and outside the Grupo RBS, representing the company's values​​. You contribute to business excellence through self-development and others.

  • Go beyond

    It is engaging with the business purpose and contribute so that we can achieve sustainable results. It is exceeding expectations, doing more and more of what you do.

  • Making a difference

    It is to be responsible for creating value for the stakeholders with whom it interacts.