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Internship Program

The Internship Program aims to attract and develop young potential in academic training, aligned to the values ​​of the Grupo RBS. The goal is to provide opportunity for young talent to develop their training into practice, serving the needs of renovation, strengthening and building the future. Check out the opportunities to work in the Grupo RBS here or send your resume to

The RBS Internship Program was indispensable in my professional training. I started as a Intern at Rádio Gaúcha in 2006. A year later, I was hired as the producer of province main radio program. During the Internship Program, I developed skills, discovered areas that I had more knowledge of, and applied content that had been acquired in the college of communication. If I were told in 2006, that ten years later I would be an anchor of a program at Rádio Gaúcha or that I would correspond in Brasilia, maybe I did not believe it. But thanks to this possibility of growth, to the opportunities that were offered me and to the people who allowed me to grow, today I am proud to tell my trajectory in RBS.

Kelly Matos | Jornalista e Comunicadora | Gaúcha