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Created in Porto Alegre on March 23, 1976, today Atlântida was born as FM Gaúcha Zero Hora. With its inauguration, began the process of construction of the largest multiplatform generator of young content in the south of the country.

The year 1980 marked the repositioning of the station, which became known as Rede Atlântida FM. Currently, Atlântida covers most of the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina and is the largest FM radio network operating alongside the young behavior segment in the region. In assuming the position of content generator, Atlantis does everything, including radio. With a base that exceeds 1 million fans on Facebook and more than 190,000 subscribers on its two channels on YouTube, the brand produces daily multimedia content of relevance to all users, to be consumed at any time of the day.

Already recognized for the quality in the production of videos, has pictures skits and characters that illustrate the factual of the moment of a fun and relaxed outside. Top of Mind Since the creation of the award, Atlantis has as its pillars the humor, the music, and the geek universe. In 2018, ATL House was inaugurated, an area of ​​experience with gastronomy, games, and rest and study area, as well as a complete studio for broadcasting programs. The space is located in the heart of the PUCRS campus in Porto Alegre.

Recently, it moved its studios to the headquarters of the RBS Group, at Av. Ipiranga, in Porto Alegre, in one of the most modern facilities in Latin America. The change consolidates the integration project of the Group, expanding the possibilities of dissemination of the message.

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