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Known as “at your side”, the Pioneiro has been operating since 1948 and is present today in 64 municipalities in the northeastern region of Rio Grande do Sul. Since 1993, it has been part of the RBS Group’s newspaper network and is affiliated to the Circulation Verifier Institute (IVC). In 2008, the newspaper won the website pioneiro.com and since the end of 2018 has joined in an integrated writing with RBS TV Caxias, Gaúcha Serra and Atlântida Serra, where more than 60 professionals work.

In addition to the first notebook, with the main general news, of economy, politics, police and sports, the vehicle has the notebooks Sete Dias, + Serra, Esttemperados and Almanac.

A modern vehicle, widely connected to local affairs and done with the active participation of readers. This is the differential that makes the Pioneer have a strong identification with the community where it operates.

Andreia Fontana Manager of Journalism at RBS Caxias andreia.fontana@gruporbs.com.br
Tríssia Ordovás Sartori Editor in Chief trissia.ordovas@pioneiro.com
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  • Pioneiro's Newsroom Pioneiro's Newsroom
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