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102.3 was created on September 25, 1983, in Porto Alegre, with the main focus being the appreciation of music to music lovers. Today, it is closely linked to the Porto Alegre lifestyle, always bringing matters related to fashion, behavior and culture.

Daily, informative programming mixes in a light and organic way to musical selection, which ranges from pop to jazz, from rock to blues, always with classics and novelties, pleasing the most diverse generations, never losing sight of the quality of the curatorship.

Returning to 102.3, it rescues its roots of integration into the imaginary of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, with unmistakable voices and “armored” playlists, with no chance for fads and ready-made formulas. In June 2017, he left the facilities of Santa Tereza hill to join the other radio studios at the headquarters of the RBS Group.

The 102.3 has music in its DNA and brings in its concept, “The best playlist on the radio”, the security of always finding a track suitable for some time of the day. In addition, it brings lightness to the day to day of the listeners, and accompanies them in different platforms, with great interaction in the social medias and in the main cultural events of the city, besides making its programming and playlists available through iOS and Android applications.