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Radio Farroupilha was founded on July 24, 1935, in Porto Alegre. In constant update to understand its public, Farroupilha is present daily in the life of the communities, mainly in Porto Alegre and Greater Porto Alegre.
Every day, it is the stage of a true show of attractions with social attitude, much music and information and appreciation of the female audience, always relying on great talents of communication. The Farroupilha can be tuned to the AM 680 dial.

In July 2017 joined the physical installations of the other radio brands of the RBS Group, integrating the building located at Av. Ipiranga, in Porto Alegre.

João Albani Presenter albani@rdfarroupilha.com.br
Gugu Streit Presenter gugu.streit@rdfarroupilha.com.br