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Diário Gaúcho, also known as DG, was the first Rio Grande do Sul newspaper to position itself as a popular newspaper. Currently, 75% of DG’s readers are from class C.

With its launch in 2000, thousands of people who had no habit of reading newspapers were incorporated into the reader market. In developing this segment, the newspaper showed its relevance and became today the 3rd most popular popular newspaper in the southern region of Brazil. The DG has an average circulation of 110 thousand copies per day and is the 7th largest newspaper in circulation in the country.

Focusing on services and promotions, he rewards his readers through Junte & Gana and Junte & Pague, facilitators who bring the Gaucho Diary closer to their audience. The first presents readers who collect 70 numbered stamps that come printed daily in the newspaper with products mostly of domestic utility. Annually carries out more than 280 thousand exchanges of kits. The second gives access to quality products and recognized brands at affordable prices.

The Gaucho Diary has a close relationship and cooperation with its readers. Since its foundation, it publishes daily problems reported by the population and has sections dedicated exclusively to the relationship with the reader where it is possible to find loving companions, have access to jobs in the job market and still see their photos published in the newspaper.

For suggestion of agenda to the newspaper, the reader can contact by email atendimento@diariogaucho.com.br or Whatsapp (51) 99759-5693.

Marta Gleich Executive Director marta.gleich@gruporbs.com.br