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The mix of a light, high-pitched and full of hits program of the moment made radio 92 enter into the routine of the gauchos. With just one year of life, the latest entertainment brand of the RBS Group is ranked third among the most heard radios in Greater Porto Alegre. With a team of humorous communicators and strong presence in social networks, the station has great strength among the adult female audience +35 years, lovers of the backwoods and people in professional activity.

- The public’s acceptance of the proposal has been extraordinary. Audience ratings reflect what we hear on the streets and read on the social networks of radio and our communicators. It is very good to see that this connection between the listeners and the radio was established so strongly in such a short time. The fun, the astral, and the programming of 92 provide an important gap in our marketplace, and I’m glad that many brands are also making good use of this brand and communicator relationship with the public, says the Marketing Executive Director of Group RBS, Marcelo Leite

On Saturdays, during #May 92, the radio reaches the mark of 53,300 listeners per minute. From Monday to Friday, during the first edition of the program Connect 92, are about 52,900 listeners per minute. With live programming also over the weekend, the radio exercises its proximity to the public. In addition, the routine of daily promotions that include shows, events and giveaways, bring the radio closer to its listeners.

- From the beginning, the listener bought the idea of ​​a radio that mixes the successes of the moment with shows and prizes. In six months, we have already reached a large number in the audience, which means that we are achieving success in our results and charting our path to leadership in this segment – notes the Coordinator of Product and Programming of 92, Martin TJ.

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