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Foto de Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho
“A filosofia que implantamos, ao longo do tempo, foi manter os olhos abertos a esta evolução tão acelerada, acompanhando o desenvolvimento tecnológico sem perder de vista a dimensão humana.”
Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho - Fundador do Grupo RBS

Our story was born from the passion of an entrepreneur and visionary: Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. From his passion for communication and his business acumen came Grupo RBS, a leading multimedia communication company in Brazil and of the largest Rede Globo affiliate.

His successors expanded his legacy of passion, courage and pioneering spirit. Jayme Sirotsky, Nelson Sirotsky and currently Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer expanded the operations of our company, consolidating its leadership in the media market in the South and breaking into new sectors.

Today, RBS is a leader in the field of communication in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, producing content and entertainment on television, radio, newspaper and digital platforms.

Through our digital business, e.Bricks, we have become a benchmark in the areas of digital media, mobile applications and targeted e-commerce, working in high growth sectors with innovative models and excellence in management.

Inspired by our founder, we believe that growth is only possible when it considers the human aspect. People turn dreams into reality. We are passionate about people who make it happen, and we are passionate about making it happen as well. In the past five decades, the trajectory of Grupo RBS has been built by people who shared challenges. This is our strength, because we know that our future will be the size of the passion that we are able to inspire.



Our six values ​​guide our actions, decisions and relationships, making our way to the Being and Doing. Whole is represented by the asterisk color, which symbolizes all we believe and what we do with passion. The asterisk means also committed to achieving corporate objectives, without compromising the values ​​we choose to identify and distinguish.

  • To do what is right

    We are an ethical company and take pride on what we do.

  • Our heart pounds

    We have a vibrant and bold environment. We seek excellency with discipline, agility and simplicity.

  • Connecting with people

    We have people whose eyes sparkle. We want a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

  • Together towards clients

    We have a commitment towards our audiences: consumers (listeners, readers, viewers and online users), advertisers and users. Our entire organization is dedicated to generating the best solutions for these clients.

  • To ensure sustained growth

    We have a passion for doing more and doing better. Our commitment is to consistent results either in short term or in the long run.

  • Collective development

    We take pride in our contribution to the country and to society as a whole, with a strong sense of responsibility and belonging towards our communities.