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RBS Publications is the unit of Grupo RBS that has operated in the production and marketing of editorial projects since 2000, when it launched the Lendas Gaúchas (Rio Grande do Sul Legends) Collection.

The editorial concept of RBS Publications has emphasized two lines of content: one focused on culture and regional history, and another focusing on reference books in areas such as architecture and interior design, tourism, leisure, cooking, health and wellness.

The RBS Publicações products are offered to subscribers and readers of Grupo RBS newspapers and also the general public, through distribution in bookstores and newsstand sales. The unit is also responsible for marketing of DVDs produced from programs on RBS TV and collectibles, such as Turma da Mônica Brincando de Folclore and Histórias Bilíngues..

As a publisher, it has released several best-sellers. This included Lendas Gaúchas, Felipão – A Alma do Penta, Os Farrapos, História Ilustrada do Rio Grande do Sul, etc.