Focused on the automotive segment, Pense Carros brings together a set of solutions for anyone interested in buying or selling cars, motorcycles and boats. Launched in June 2010, Pense Carros’ site is always up to date and with a modern look, making businesses easier for thousands of clients in the Southern region of Brazil.

In 2013, Grupo RBS acquired Blucarros, an online cars classified ads company from Santa Catarina, which features sites Blucarros (from Blumenau), Joinvillecarros, Itajaícarros, Floripacarros and Riodosulcarros. Strategically teamed up with Blucarros in Santa Catarina, Pense Carros reinforces its position on the advertising market and offers news solutions to better qualify its relationship towards its audiences. Pense Carros and Blucarros remain separate and independent sites, with both brands coexisting.