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Rádio Atlântida was created in Porto Alegre on March 23, 1976, with the name FM Gaúcha Zero Hora. Its inauguration marked the beginning of the process of constructing the biggest multi-platform generator of young content in southern Brazil.

The year of 1980 marked the channel’s reinvention, which became known as Rede Atlântida FM. Currently, Atlântida extends to much of the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina and is the biggest network of FM radio channels aimed at a young audience in southern Brazil.

Rede Atlântida produces humor, pop culture, sports, women’s interest, technology and trivia content daily, distributed among varying platforms: radio, iOS and Android apps, blogs, and its profiles on the biggest social networks, in order to keep its listeners and users closer and more connected to the ATL platform universe. ATL’s content can be consumed throughout the whole world via streaming on its website and apps.